Racing Blue

Storm® Athlete - Pour une vitesse et une puissance soutenues

Serving size 2 tablets per day – 1 tub contains 120 tablets.

    Renforce l’endurance musculaire, soutient la performance et améliore l’entraînement

    "La meilleure façon d'améliorer votre performance"

    Scientifiquement prouvé par des études équines et humaines. increase horse muscle carnosine

    STORM® – la science de la fatigueL’accumulation d’acide lactique dans les muscles pendant n’importe quel type d’exercice rapide ou intense, contribue à accumuler des ions d’hydrogène (H+), qui acidifient les muscles. L’acidose musculaire est un important facteur de fatigue, parce qu’elle perturbe la contraction des muscles et la génération d’énergie. La carnosine est un tampon dipeptide qui constitue une défense majeure contre la fatigue musculaire, grâce à une meilleure gestion de l’acidose musculaire. Naturellement présente dans les muscles, la carnosine fonctionne comme une éponge biologique des H+, offrant une plus grande résistance à l’acidose musculaire et à la fatigue.

    STORM® – une formulation unique

    STORM® de Racing Blue apporte une unique combinaison d’ingrédients incluant la ProCarnosine®, qui renforce le niveau de carnosine dans les muscles. Cet apport joue un rôle crucial pendant l’entraînement et favorise les performances en ciblant l’acidose, la régulation du calcium, le stress oxydatif dans les muscles pendant des efforts intenses.

    STORM® – scientifiquement prouvé

    Des études scientifiques portant sur des athlètes humains et équins démontrent que STORM® augmente le niveau de carnosine dans les muscles. STORM® renforce donc la résistance aux ions d’hydrogène pendant l’effort.


    Beta-alanine, Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.

    STORM® – les avantages

    STORM® soutient le fonctionnement normale des muscles et permet aux athlete de prolonger leurs pointes de puissance et de vitesse. STORM® favorise des entraînements plus efficaces et des performances optimales. Concrètement, les athletes peuvent terminer leurs courses avec plus de force, ils peuvent plus facilement accomplir le travail, tout en récupérant plus rapidement.


    Prenez STORM® Athlete 4 fois par jour pendant les 4 premières semaines. Par la suite, 1 comprimé deux fois par jour tout au long de la saison de compétition.
    Ne dépassez pas la portion recommandée.
    REMARQUE - Si vous prenez des médicaments ou avez un problème de santé continu, consultez toujours votre médecin pour vous assurer d'une utilisation sûre.

    Build a Better Muscle Faster

    Until now, beta-alanine users may have experienced a prickling sensation recognised as a parasthesia and SR CarnoSyn® was uniquely formulated to deliver a higher level of beta-alanine more comfortably in a single daily dose. STORM® Athlete is supported by multiple clinical and scientific studies showing that average supplementation of beta-alanine (6.4g/day over 4weeks), provided significant performance attributes.

    Benefits of STORM® Athlete

    • Increases muscle carnosine using a sustained modality
    • Delivers extended absorption for optimal results.
    • simplified daily dosing.
    • Backed by robust scientific studies and protected by a suite of global patents.
    • Suitable for a wide variety of sports where muscle acidosis limits performance.

    STORM® Athlete features a superior form of beta-alanine with a unique and patented sustained release profile, which facilitates improved absorption and retention in muscle for carnosine synthesis. An increase in muscle carnosine will support a greater work capacity helping to optimise training and competition.

    STORM® Athlete uses a proprietary microencapsulation technology, to comfortably deliver up to 6.4g of encapsulated sustained release beta alanine per day whilst limiting paresthesia.


    Beta-alanine, Hydroxypropyl methylcellulose, stearic acid, magnesium stearate, silicon dioxide.


    Consume STORM® Athlete 4 times per day for the first 4 weeks. Thereafter 1 tablet twice daily throughout the competition season.

    Maintenance serving size 2 tablets per day – 1 tub contains 120 tablets.

    Do not exceed recommended serving size.

    NOTE – If you are taking any medication or have an ongoing medical condition, always check with your doctor to ensure safe use.

    STORM® provides key building blocks to support the synthesis of carnosine, the most important ‘buffer’ in muscle, which is crucial for better handling of H+during exercise. Carnosine can be thought of as being like a biological sponge that is able to complex with H+ and therefore delay muscle acidosis during exercise.

    Over a period of 1 month, these ingredients can boost muscle carnosine typically by up to 20% or more.

    Fast Fact #1
    Is patent protection a benefit?

    Award of a patent to an ingredient or product requires robust evidence to support its reputed action or effect. This is specific to a particular type or source of product or ingredient in question. STORM® has been formulated to contain ProCarnosine®, giving confidence that it has been thoroughly evaluated and well researched. It also means that STORM products cannot be copied in the market place.

    Fast Fact #2
    Are STORM® products palatable?

    STORM® products are very palatable and easy to feed and can be simply sprinkled over the daily feed for STORM® Equus, Canis and Camelus and added to the water for STORM®Avis. STORM® Athlete comes in an easily swallowed tablet form.

    Fast Fact #3
    Is STORM® race & competition legal?

    STORM® products were rigorously tested for prohibited substances during development and each and every batch is now tested for specified prohibited substances prior to sale. STORM® conforms to the rules of racing and competition (see individual products for more information).

    Fast Fact #4
    Is STORM® unique?

    STORM® supplements are unique formulations for horse, dog, bird, camel and humans formulated to fight muscle fatigue during intense exercise and support training and recovery. STORM® supplements are the only feed supplements to contain ProCarnosine® which is supported by global patents.

    Fast Fact #5
    Is STORM Athlete just beta alanine?

    STORM® Athlete contains a superior form of sustained release beta alanine that is absorbed slowly from the gastrointestinal tract in a sustained manner. This promotes more effective uptake into muscle for carnosine synthesis and helps avoid the prickling sensation that can sometimes be felt with ordinary beta alanine.

    Fast Fact #6
    I have a good diet – do I need STORM Athlete?

    Even with a well balanced diet the intake of beta alanine is likely to be sub-optimal for carnosine synthesis. This is true even with a regular intake or chicken or turkey which is a naturally rich source of beta alanine.

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